Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I’d like to thank all my students for a great year. I hope my courses helped with your career or helped you understand often difficult concepts. In the new year watch out for

  1. URP Shaders and Shader Graph added to my Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch course
  2. A complete revamp of Create a 3D multi-player course with Three.JS and Socket.IO
  3. A new course about using Google’s for quick, multi-platform AR
  4. A new course on using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP). I’ve just completed the e-book Built-in to URP Migration Guide for Unity, so expect a few less known tips and tricks in this course direct from Unity’s URP team.
  5. A complete revamp of Create a 3D Car Racing Game with THREE.js and CANNON.js
  6. A complete revamp of Create a 3D RPG Game With THREE.js

That’s my aim for 2022.

If there is a course you’d like me to add to my TO DO list then contact me [email protected] or via my Facebook groups or Twitter @NikLever

Here’s links to all my courses at the lowest price you’ll find them from today until the 28th. Or use the code XMAS21

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

JavaScript in 12 Easy Lessons (FREE COURSE)

The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS

Learn to Write Unity Compute Shaders

Learn to create WebXR, VR and AR, experiences using Three.JS

Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch

Learn GLSL Shaders from Scratch

Create a 3D multi-player game using THREE.js and Socket.IO

Create HTML5 Games Using Adobe Animate

Create a 3D Car Racing Game with THREE.js and CANNON.js

Create a 3D RPG Game With THREE.js

HTML5 Game Development : Beginner to Pro


JavaScript in 12 Easy Lessons

Pleased to announce that my first FREE course is now live on Udemy. It is a Beginners Guide to JavaScript and will help some of my ThreeJS and HTML5 Game Development students.

  • Variables
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Classes
  • Functions
  • Conditions
  • Loops
  • Modules
  • Math
  • Scope
  • JSON

I hope you like it.


Added a Blur ThreeJS post-processing pass to my GLSL shader course

A blur filter is a useful addition to a ThreeJS website. You can blur the scene to set focus to an HTML overlay. Check out the filter on CodePen. To see how it is done go to my Courses page and look for ‘Learn GLSL Shaders From Scratch’


JavaScript in 12 easy lessons – e-book

Pleased to report that my first e-book ‘JavaScript in 12 easy lessons’, will be available soon. #codenewbie #webdeveloper


Tutorial Tuesdays

Here’s a link to my latest Tutorial Tuesday free YouTube video. Subscribe to get a new tutorial every Tuesday.


Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch FREE for 3 days

I’ve been commissioned by Unity to write their URP shaders e-book. A comprehensive guide to migrating from built-in to URP rendering. Once complete I will be creating a video course based on the content.

Time to increase my Unity students.

My Unity shaders course, rated at over 4.6, is available free for the next 3 days. Here’s the link

please share with your friends.

What students say about the course

Great course. Took this as a refresher to get back into shaders. Everything you need is provided. Both starting scenes for each lecture and also completed ones if you get stuck with code errors. Nice learning curve. Everything is well explained. No long boring slideshows. Also plenty of challenges, which I like and find very useful in assisting your learning. Very clear audio and code. So no problems following along and plenty to take in. Also Nicholas is very helpful with your Q&A’s. Highly recommended.”

“The information presented in this course is fantastic. The tutor has a great personality, and I can’t stress enough how enjoyable he makes this course.”

It is fantastic. You need a little bit of math to understand it better but with attention and repetition it will be easy to anyone. Thanks a lot professor!”




Using CannonJS with ThreeJS

Just created a new CodePen collection that shows how to use CannonJS with ThreeJS to create an 8-ball Pool Game. The pens will feature in my live-stream on Saturday.


CannonJS – live stream

I’m doing a live stream on Saturday 31st July US: 8:00am PDT, 11am EDT – UK 4pm BST – India 8:30pm IST

The topic is using the new fork of the physics library CannonJS, CannonES with the popular Open Source WebGL library ThreeJS. You’ll learn how to use the library to create one of the games from my latest course.

Make a date in your diary


The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS NOW LIVE!

It took a long time but I’m pleased to say my latest course is now live.

The JavaScript programming language is probably the most popular programming language in the world. Companies all around the globe require developers who are proficient with this language. The best way to learn the language is to have fun while you’re doing it. In this course I teach you about the language then apply your new skills to create three games.

Along the way you’ll also learn to use the 3D application program Blender to prepare your 3D assets for the games you develop.

Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be super ready for any challenges an employer throws your way when writing JavaScript code. But the main thing is you’ll have developed your much in-demand skills while having fun making games.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get on with the fun.


The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS

It’s hard to survive long now the bad guys are smart! The AI is pretty effective. Can you shoot the 4 NPCs before they get you?

‘The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS’ launches soon. Preregister for a discount launch coupon

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