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Welcome. If you want to know a little more about the guy behind the courses.

The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS

I started writing code in the early 80s using a Sinclair Spectrum. Starting with Sinclair Basic and eventually moving onto Z80 Assembly language. Professionally I was a cartoon animator at the time running a small production company called Catalyst Pictures Ltd. An interest in electronics led to automating a rostrum camera with stepper motors all run from a Sinclair Spectrum. A Commodore Amiga followed and then inevitably a Windows PC. More recently code has tended to be browser based using ThreeJS, iOS/Android apps and games.

I retired from full time work in March 2017 and have been tinkering since.

Running a CodeClub in Saddleworth, UK. Playing with Machine Learning and WebXR. Tinkering with Raspberry PI, Arduino and Micro:bits, making a 5″ scale steam train and constructing a tree house from felled beech trees.

On this site I plan to show the courses I’ve developed, add the odd blog about my tinkering and contribute the odd tutorial on how to go about some of the things I’ve been messing with.