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To celebrate finishing the second draft of my new Unity DOTS e-book, I’m having a sale of my Udemy Unity courses. Use the coupon code DEC23_BEST, or click the links below, to get the best price on Udemy for these courses over the next few days.

Unity DOTS is an acronym for Data-oriented Technology Stack, featuring:

  • The Jobs System – a simple way and safe way to bring multi-threading to your code
  • The Burst compiler – a straight to native assembler compiler
  • Unity’s Data-oriented Design (DoD) implementation Entity Component System (ECS).
  • And several other packages for Collections, Mathematics, Rendering and Physics

Switching from Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to DoD can result in massive performance improvements. Expect a DOTS course in late 2024.

The DOTS e-book will be my third e-book for Unity. My previous two are

Introduction to the Universal Render Pipeline for Advanced Creators

The Universal Render Pipeline Cookbook: Recipes for Shaders and Visual Effects

Here are my discounted courses:

A Complete Guide to Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline

As Unity gradually switches to URP from the Built-in Render Pipeline, it’s time to learn the new techniques from the author of Unity’s URP e-books.

Learn to write Unity Compute Shaders

Learn to harness the power of the GPU for processing intensive jobs.

Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch

Learn the black-art of Unity shaders in this comprehensive course on HLSL. Including Universal Render Pipeline (URP) Shaders.

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Started coding in 1983 using Sinclair Basic. Recently developed HTML5 games and THREE.js web apps. Course developer on the Udemy and Packt platforms.

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