My Udemy Unity courses are best price through to Tuesday

Unity have just contracted me to write their DOTS, Data Orientated Technology Stack e-book. To celebrate I thought I’d have a sale of my Unity courses. They’ll be at the best price on Udemy through to Tuesday. Time to grab a bargain!

A Complete Guide to Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline

As Unity gradually switches to URP from the Built-in Render Pipeline, it’s time to learn the new techniques from the author of Unity’s URP e-books.

Learn to write Unity Compute Shaders

Learn to harness the power of the GPU for processing intensive jobs.

Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch

Learn the black-art of Unity shaders in this comprehensive course on HLSL.

By niklever

Started coding in 1983 using Sinclair Basic. Recently developed HTML5 games and THREE.js web apps. Course developer on the Udemy and Packt platforms.

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