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I’ve been commissioned by Unity to write their URP shaders e-book. A comprehensive guide to migrating from built-in to URP rendering. Once complete I will be creating a video course based on the content.

Time to increase my Unity students.

My Unity shaders course, rated at over 4.6, is available free for the next 3 days. Here’s the link

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What students say about the course

Great course. Took this as a refresher to get back into shaders. Everything you need is provided. Both starting scenes for each lecture and also completed ones if you get stuck with code errors. Nice learning curve. Everything is well explained. No long boring slideshows. Also plenty of challenges, which I like and find very useful in assisting your learning. Very clear audio and code. So no problems following along and plenty to take in. Also Nicholas is very helpful with your Q&A’s. Highly recommended.”

“The information presented in this course is fantastic. The tutor has a great personality, and I can’t stress enough how enjoyable he makes this course.”

It is fantastic. You need a little bit of math to understand it better but with attention and repetition it will be easy to anyone. Thanks a lot professor!”



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Started coding in 1983 using Sinclair Basic. Recently developed HTML5 games and THREE.js web apps. Course developer on the Udemy and Packt platforms.

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