Fun with WebXR

Currently well into the research side of my latest Udemy course. ‘Learn to Create WebXR web pages using THREE.js‘. WebXR is a API that is close to full approval by the w3c. It is currently fully supported by Chrome on medium cost and above Android devices, and via an emulator on desktops using Chrome. If you have a headset it is supported by the Oculus and Firefox Reality browsers.

So what is WebXR, it is an API to support VR and AR in the browser. VR and AR have been widely talked about over many years and have always promised more than they have delivered. But the technology to have a good experience is now in the hands of a great many people via their mobile phone. But few of them can be bothered to install apps unless they are gamers. This is where the WebXR API can deliver. AR is just a web click away, so seeing that furniture in your own living room is possible, the API can even detect the lighting levels.

On the VR side, a simple Google Cardboard device, a very cheap headset that you place your mobile phone in, will get you started with the technology and seeing your creations in real immersive 3D is mesmerising.

By niklever

Started coding in 1983 using Sinclair Basic. Recently developed HTML5 games and THREE.js web apps. Course developer on the Udemy and Packt platforms.

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