Create a 3D Multi-player Game using THREE.js and

A Udemy video course taking you through the steps of creating a 3D multi-player game using sockets. All resources included. Get the course for better than 25% of it’s full price by following the link above.

HTML5 Game Development – Beginner to Pro

Video course on html5 game development with loads of resources to download to use in your own games.

Create a 3D RPG Game with THREE.js

A video course explaining how to get the assets, edit the assets to create a 3D RPG game. The course then shows how to create a simple 3D web page using the WebGL library THREE.js. It then goes on to show step by step how to create a full 3D RPG game. All resources are included.

Create a 3D Car Racing Game with THREE.js and CANNON.js

A video course describing how to use both the WebGL library THREE.js and the physics library CANNON.js to create a fully functioning car racing game. As a little twist the car is a remote controlled car zooming around a garden course. All resources included.

Create HTML5 Games with Adobe Animate CC

A video course describing how to use Adobe Animate CC, formerly Adobe Flash, to create resolution independent HTML5 games. All resources included.